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Bruce Beutler

United States – Boston

11th Jun – 12th Jun 2012

Bruce Beutler met students, researchers and staff at:

  • Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
  • AstraZeneca Boston


View highlights from Bruce Beutler’s visit to Boston, United States:

The NPII was a great pleasure for me.  It was gratifying to meet some of the brightest young biologists in the United States, and to speak with them both formally and informally.  It was also a exciting to hear about cutting edge work at AstraZeneca.  The greatest impediments to progress in medicine lie in the realm of drug development.  We know a great deal about how certain molecules contribute to disease.  We could mitigate many diseases if only we could interfere with these molecules in a highly selective manner.  But this is often a tall order, which is to say that Pharma is tackling the most challenging and important problems of our time.


A video of Bruce Beutler ‘s lecture, entitled  ‘How Microbes Activate the Immune System: A Forward Genetic Approach’, followed by a Q&A session, can be found here:

This video is no longer available.


And view a selection of the event photos here:


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