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Tim Hunt

China – Shanghai and Chengdu

3rd Jun – 5th Jun 2014

Dr Tim Hunt visited China from the 3rd – 5th June 2014, as part of the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative. There he met young scientists and senior academics from

  • Fudan University
  • Sichuan University

Dr Hunt also met with researchers from AstraZeneca (Shanghai).

This was Dr Hunt’s second NPII event – he also visited Manchester in 2010. You can view his lecture video and a selection of photos from that event. But on speaking about his visit to China, Dr Hunt said

I am thrilled to be visiting China to participate once again in the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative. It will be an honour to share my experiences with some of China’s brightest young scientists and early-stage researchers. Most of all, I hope to encourage them to remain curious and creative in all of their scientific endeavours

To learn more about Dr Hunt’s visit to China, you can now watch a short highlights video (below) or read a blog post about the event on our Blogger page

Below, we’ve shared a series of photos from this event, so you can get a flavour of Dr Hunt’s visit.


And finally,you can watch Tim’s fascinating lecture “Lessons from a Life in Science: How to Get a Nobel Prize”, followed by a dynamic Q&A session with the audience (~2 hrs)